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What is SupSeat?

SupSeat is a detachable seat for stand-up paddleboards. It is designed to help less experienced paddle boarders find and maintain their balance and provides a seat for pros to help relax and rest their feet for long rides. What sets this device apart from older stand-up paddleboard seats is that it provides enough support to accommodate people with physical limitations or disabilities. In addition, it makes the sport more appealing to kids who may be too afraid to try it out.

How does it work?

The seat mounts directly onto the paddleboard. It has a base, which directly attaches to the board, but users need not worry about invasive procedures to set the device up. The seat is adjustable and detachable, and it can easily be controlled with a push of a button, which allows the seat to prop up or fall back on the board.

Does the SupSeat take much space?

No. the SupSeat is designed to take as little space as possible. In fact, the seat base measures just about 7" x 8" and only 1 ½" in height.

How many seats can a paddleboard hold?

One paddleboard can mount 2 SupSeats, which is ideal for taking out kids to try out paddle boating.

What are the special features of SupSeat?

The SupSeat has many different features, starting from the specially storage basket, which serves as a secure compartment for food and gear, along with a water bottle holder. The seat can also be used to hang your PFD,* and it is fully adjustable so that users can have the proper height and angle for a more comfortable and well balanced ride.

*PFD stands for personal floatation device. An example of this is a life jacket, which is often required when going out in water ways.

Where is the storage basket located?

To maximize space in your paddle board, the storage compartment is placed underneath the seat.

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