Why Supseat?


SupSeat is the very first paddleboard seat designed to give you comfort, utility, and stability. It is perfect for beginners, pros, children, and even physically handicapped boarders who want to get the most out of the sport. Our cutting-edge design makes paddleboarding a kid, novice, and handicapped –friendly activity, opening up the fun and adventure-filled sport to more outdoor and water sport enthusiasts:

  • SupSeat is one of a kind, the first every SUP seat design that combines comfort, function, durability, and versatility, suitable for all levels of paddleboarders with different needs.

  • Previous paddleboard seat designs require a lot of work to setup, but SupSeat requires a simple push of a button to use. Installation is minimally invasive and the device can be attached and removed as needed.

  • When not in use, the base of the seat can be covered so that the board remains usable.

  • Designed for comfort, the paddleboard seat can be adjusted to different heights and angles to accommodate different riders. This also helps users find and maintain their balance while sitting on the board.

  • Food, water, and gear goes into the seat's storage compartment, making it easier to prepare for long trips out sea or down rivers and lakes. The seat may also be used to hang your personal floatation device so you won’t have to wear it throughout the trip.

  • One paddleboard can hold as many as 2 SupSeats, which makes it easier to take your kid out for a paddle boating adventure.

  • The seat can be used for training novice paddlers who have trouble finding their center of balance. The seat serves as an automatic marker for easier riding (sitting down or standing up).

  • SupSeat makes stand-up paddleboarding handicap-friendly, allowing people with disabilities to ride paddleboards safely and easily.

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